Dog Training


dog training Portsmouth

Gentle training with a very nervous collie

Andy Collins is a dog trainer with many years experience, particularly with ‘difficult’ dogs.  Having successfully fostered, re-trained and re-homed many dogs, Andy is much in demand to advise and help with dogs who may be having issues with people, other dogs, or general manners (walking to heel, barking etc)!  With seven rescue dogs currently living with him, this is something of a passion, so if you have a rescue dog you are struggling to understand (and who is struggling to understand you) please come and see Andy at one of the Living Heritage Shows.

Also available to help with basic training of your adult dog and gun dog training.

gillies leap dog training

Andy is available in the mornings at the Fun Dog Show ring at all Country Shows for training help and advice.  He is also available in the Portsmouth area for training advice and help.

Contact Andy here.