Suffolk Show

fun dog showBack from the Living Heritage show in Suffolk at Henham Park where was it cold the wind blew from the East and cut us in half but the diehards stayed and we had a good time.

We met Jo and George from our chosen organisation Pact Animal Sanctuary who do some amazing work not just fun dog showwith dogs and cats but all animals. I was amazed at the amount they actually get through wildlife included. They also work with disabled people too. I was so impressed that I invited them to Sandringham this year and back next year to. Check out their website to see.

We had some stunning dogs enter, most well behaved and one not. Stanley a 7yr old St Bernard x Mastiff who has issues with other dogs. After I had convinced his owner Guy to enter him and we had a little chat he calmed down and started to show us that he did deserve to win the overall winner class.

Also had two wolf hybrids enter the  ring amazing creatures so docile (checkout the photo of me getting wolfie fun dog showkisses) and well behaved it was only when the Rottie that they live with came in with them that their was a little argy bargy that their owner handled really well. We even gave him the microphone to tell the crowd watching about his dogs. There were plenty of other beautiful dogs attend this weekend, to many to mention but thank you all that turned up and abig thanks to those that stayed to the end.

Two weeks off then up to Thame near Oxford and supporting The Deaf Dog Network, it wil be good to catch up with Karen Lawe and her gang to see what they have been up to this winter.

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